Our Fedoras

So, you have the Cigars, purchased your electronic humidor to store them, have an impressive array of Xikar Cutters, Lighters and even perhaps a couple of cool ashtrays, what could possibly assist in the completion your ensemble? Hmmm? is pleased to introduce Our Fedoras! Whether sitting on the deck or out for a night on the town, Our Fedoras will give you the Je ne sais quoi that you are looking for! By the way, roughly translated Je ne sais quoi means; An indefinable, elusive quality, especially a pleasing one… Who the heck doesn’t want that! And of course, in true style we had to delve into the history a little in which there seems to a little bit of confusion. Our Fedora which was aptly named after “The Fedora” came about in 1883 allegedly after an actress (Ms. Bernhardt) who played the role of Princess Fedora Romanoff in the play “Fedora” by French playwright, Victorien Sardou. Ms. Bernhardt was a known cross-dresser, I kid you not! but wait there’s more, according to authorities on the subject, that play never became popular in the U.S. At this point it should be mentioned that Hat manufacturers in the U.S. had just two categories for Hats, Stiff Hats and Soft Hats, and it really was not until advertising came into the picture the name Fedora was coined for the hat. So much to my personal surprise (I know, get a life, right?) the Fedora is a style not a name brand. If you’re looking for an indefinable, elusive quality, that is especially pleasing, order your very own Our Fedora from