How to Calibrate a Cigar Hygrometer

How to Calibrate a Cigar Hygrometer

Dec 30th 2020

If you're protecting your cigar collection in a proper humidor you might have asked "how do I calibrate my analog hygrometer?" or "how do I calibrate my digital hygrometer?". Using something like a Boveda Humidipak Cigar Hygrometer Calibration Kit is the most accurate way of calibrating your hygrometer. If you just can't wait to have a kit shipped to you there's a home remedy that works but is not quite as accurate. Calibrating a cigar hygrometer will require some common household items that we've listed below.

Things You Need:
- Small Plastic Bottle Cap
- Regular Table Salt
- Water
- Small Ziplock Bag

Fill the bottle cap with salt and add water. You want to add enough water to make it sludgy but not so much that you disolve the salt. Carefully place the cap and your cigar hygrometer inside the ziplock bag and try not to disturb it for approximately 6 hours. The small cap of moist salt should humidify the bag to 75% as your hygrometer should read. If it does not read 75% you can adjust the calibration of it. If you have a digital hygrometer you simply need to use the + and - buttons to increase or decrease the percentage of humidity. If you have an analog hygrometer there may be a small knob that can be turned with a small screwdriver in order to adjust the humidity percentage to 75%. Some cigar hygrometers do not have an adjustment knob :-( If you have a hygrometer that is not adjustable you will need calibrate it and simply remember the percentage difference when reading your humidity level.