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Desktop Cigar Humidor: Waldorf 150 Cigar Humidor

Product Code: WLDF
Availability: In Stock
$298.00 $185.00

Cigar Accessories offers The Waldorf cigar humidor which can hold up to 150 cigars. This humidor is beautifully crafted in an arc shaped construction to bring attention to it like a precious piece of art. The Waldorf boasts an amazing blend elegant curves, sleek lines, and a lacquer finish you could see your reflection in. The Waldorf's ebony wood grain finish embodies characteristics of deep blacks and dark chocolate browns. The exterior is finally complete with a stunning polished silver pull. When you open the lid of the Waldorf you find ebony finished edges and an interior that is completely lined with Spanish cedar. There are 3 adjustable dividers to section off your cigars in your choosing. One of the ingenious traits of this cigar humidor is that it has an invisible steel lining. The Waldrof comes with polish silver cigar scissors, humidifier and hygrometer which will help regulate temperature and keep your cigars perfectly moist and cut them when you are ready to smoke. Due to the steel lining underneath the Spanish cedar all of these items magnetically attach to the lid of your cigar humidor with no problem keeping everything organized and in one place. The Waldorf Cigar Humidor is not only a lovely desktop accessory but it is wonderfully functional as well. This would make a great gift for any cigar aficionado in your life, even if that aficionado is you!

The Waldorf Cigar Humidor Features:

- Arc Shaped Construction
- Polished Silver Pull
- Spanish Cedar Lining
- 3 Adjustable Dividers
- Invisible Steel Lining
- Polished Silver Scissors
- Polished Silver Hygrometer
- Polished Silver Humidifier

- Dimensions 16 3/4" W x 10 3/4" D x 6 3/4" H

Item Number: WLDF

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