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Tips For Keeping Up Your Humidors Humidity

Tips For Keeping Up Your Humidors Humidity

If you are having issues with the humidity level in your humidor you might find this helpful. Most cigars are best stored at room temperature which is approximately 70F with a humidity level of 68 - 72 percent. Due to major changes of the weather in some areas of the country it may be hard to maintain a good humidity level in your humidor. Issues such as direct sun light in your house and air circulation can also be a factor. When you notice the humidity level starting to fall you will want to refill your Cigar Humidifiers more often with either distilled water or common Cigar Humidor Humidifier Solution. If you are keeping these units full and still have problems with your humidity level being high enough you may want to use a supplemental humidifier device. A very popular one is the DryMistat Cigar Tubes as well as the Humidifier Jars with hydrating gel crystals.

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