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HygroSet II Round Adjustable Digital Cigar Hygrometer

HygroSet II Round Adjustable Digital Cigar Hygrometer
Product Code: DHYG-Round
Availability: In Stock

Cigar Accessories is proud to offer the HygroSet II Round Adjustable Digital Cigar Hygrometer. This has become one of the most popular digital hygrometers due to it's accuracy, ease of use and compact size. The hygrometer is fully adjustable so you can easily calibrate it with percision. It is suggested that you calibrate it before using it to ensure it's accuracy. We suggest using a Boveda Humidipak Cigar Hygrometer Calibration Kit. Once calibrated it should read your RH (Relative Humidity) within +/- 2% and ranges from 20% to 90% RH with a 10 second refresh rate. This digital hygrometer also provides you with a temperature reading that is accurate to within +/- 1 degree and can be displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Button cell battery inlcuded.

NOTE: The HygroSet II Round Adjustable Digital Cigar Hygrometer does not fit in an exterior front mount of a humidor. If you want a digital cigar hygrometer for an exterior mount on your humidor you will want the HygroSet Front Mount Digital Cigar Hygrometer.

The HygroSet II Round Adjustable Digital Cigar Hygrometer Features:

- Round Digital Cigar Hygrometer
- Adjustable Humidity for Calibrating
- Displays Humidity and Temperature
- Ranges from 20% to 90% Humidity
- +/- 2% Humidity Accuracy
- Displays Fahrenheit or Celsius
- +/- 1 Degree Temperature Accuracy
- 10 Second Refresh Rate
- Easy to Calibrate
- Button Cell Battery Included
- Dimensions 1 7/8" Diameter x 1/2" Thick

Item # - DHYG-Round

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Make sure to calibrate your cigar hygrometer to ensure the protection of your cigar collection. There are different ways to calibrate your hygrometer including a Boveda Cigar Hygrometer Calibration Kit that we sell.  We have also posted instructions on How to Calibrate a Cigar Hygrometer. If you have a hygrometer that is not adjustable you will need calibrate it and simply remember the percentage difference when reading your humidity level.


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