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Paradigm PSH T Cigar Humidifier - 15 Cigars

Paradigm PSH T Cigar Humidifier - 15 Cigars
Product Code: PSH-T
Availability: In Stock

Cigar Accessories offer the Paradigm PSH T Cigar Humidifier - Travel Size. The most advanced passive humidification device available for perfectly preserved cigars. This low maintenance humidifier is good for up to 15 cigars. The Paradigm PSH T Cigar Humidifier sponge is anti-microbial, anti-fungal and it was developed by a NASA scientist. This cigar humidifier holds 75% more water than comparable humidifiers and can go 3 months between fillings. This is a great humidifier and any cigar aficionado would love.

Paradigm PSH T Cigar Humidifier Features:

- Maintains 70% humidity at room temperature
- Holds 75% more distilled water than comparable size humidifiers
- Anti-Microbial, anti-fungal sponge developed by a NASA Scientist
- No chemical solutions needed
- Uses Distilled Water
- Up to 15 Cigars
- Travel Size
- Last 3 months between fillings

Dimensions: 3" L x .5" W x 1" H

Item # PSH-T










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