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Cigar Humidor Instructions and Tips

Cigar Humidor Instructions and Tips

Learn how to setup and maintain a cigar humidor with these various Cigar Humidor Instructions and Tips.

What is the Difference in Types of Cigar Humidifiers
Passive Cigar Humidifiers are the most common. This type of humidifier allows air to pass through vent holes in order to circulate the humidity coming from the humidification material inside. The material is usually a foam sponge, silica beads or gel crystals that absorbs the solution or distilled water you add. Foam Sponge Cigar Humidifiers: Foam Sponge Humidifiers are the least expensive of your choices. These units do a great job of humidifying your humidor but there are some downsides...
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How to Calibrate a Cigar Hygrometer
If you're protecting your cigar collection in a proper humidor you might have asked "how do I calibrate my analog hygrometer?" or "how do I calibrate my digital hygrometer?". Using something like a Boveda Humidipak Cigar Hygrometer Calibration Kit is the most accurate way of calibrating your hygrometer. If you just can't wait to have a kit shipped to you there's a home remedy that works but is not quite as accurate. Calibrating a cigar hygrometer will require some common household items that we'..
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Tips For Keeping Up Your Humidors Humidity
If you are having issues with the humidity level in your humidor you might find this helpful. Most cigars are best stored at room temperature which is approximately 70F with a humidity level of 68 - 72 percent. Due to major changes of the weather in some areas of the country it may be hard to maintain a good humidity level in your humidor. Issues such as direct sun light in your house and air circulation can also be a factor. When you notice the humidity level starting to fall you will want to r..
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