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Cigar Oasis Magna Electronic Cigar Humidifier - 5000 Cigars

Cigar Oasis Magna Electronic Cigar Humidifier - 5000 Cigars
Product Code: MAGNA
Availability: In Stock
$199.00 $178.95

Cigar Accessories offers The Cigar Oasis Magna Electronic Cigar Humidifier. This cigar humidifier is designed for large to cabinet sized humidors. It uses upgraded microprocessor technology to measure and control the humidity accurately. It has two modes of control. When used with battery power it works until the desired humidity is reached. The Magna Electronic cigar humidifier then goes to 'sleep' which means the power is turned off, when the humidity is just right, to extend battery life. This smart electronic cigar humidor will sample the humidity every five minutes to make sure the humidity is correct. If not, it goes into control mode to adjust humidity. When operating on power through the outlet it samples the humidity continuously. In both cases the control point is factory set to 70% humidity. You may change this to suit your personal taste. The unit comes with a sealed water cartridge mounted, built in hygrometer and is ready to use. This Electronic Cigar Humidifier is "smart" and will help keep the humidity in your cigar humidor perfect for 5000 of your favorite cigars or up to 4 cubic feet. Get yours today!

WIFI Capabilities (Additional Accessory) - Monitor your humidor while on the go. With this optional accessory you can use a mobile app to monitor your humidors humidity, manage settings, check water level and battery power.

Email / Text Alerts (Additional Accessory) - Have an email or text sent to alert you of issues with low humidity, low water or low battery power.

The Cigar Oasis Magna Electronic Cigar Humidifier Features:

- Outlet Power
- Low Water & Low Battery Indicator with Alarm
- Automatic Humdity Control
Micro USB Style Power Adapter Included: 120Vac (Optional 240Vac Available)
- Digital Humidity Display
- 1000-5000 Cigars or Up to 10-60 Cubic Ft. Capacity - Battery (Optional Accessory)
WiFi Capable: (Optional Accessory - inquire for more info) Monitor & Adjust Settings of the Cigar Oasis unit through your PC, remotely via the Web    or through the Cigar Oasis App on your Apple iPhone or Android. You can receive email or text alerts for Low Humidity, Low Water & Battery Levels
Remote control and sensor with display and set point buttons
- Comes with Auxiliary fan kit to distribute humidity by circulating air to top shelves
- May link up to 6 units great for large open wall units and small walk-in humidors
Transparent base to observe water level

- Water Refill Cartridge with Battery Pack (Optional

- Dimensions: 13” W x 6 1/2” D x 6” H


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