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Boveda 84% Humidor Seasoning Pack

Boveda 84% Humidor Seasoning Pack
Product Code: Boveda-84
Availability: In Stock
$5.50 $3.95

Cigar Accessories has the Boveda 84% Humidor Seasoning Pack to assist you in setting up your new humidor. The wood inside new humidors needs to be seasoned properly so that the wood retains moisture before putting your cigars inside. If you were to place your cigars inside a new humidor that wasn't seasoned the wood would practically suck all the moisture out of your cigars. We suggest wiping your humidor with Humi-Care Seasoning Wipes and place a Boveda 84% Humidor Seasoning Pack in your humidor for 24 hours. That's all it takes to properly season your new humidor. Now all you have to do is make sure you've got a good humidifier and your ready put your cigars in.

The Boveda 84% Humidor Seasoning Pack Features:

- Boveda 84% Humidity Pack
- 84% Relative Humidity RH Pack
- High RH For Humidor Seasoning

Item Number: Boveda-84

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